Low Res is a precious wooden frame projected by Diego Zanella and edited by Superego editions (Asti), an italian company specialized in limited edition design.

Low Res is a semi-serious digression on the extreme pervasiveness of digital images in contemporary communication. Every day we are exposed to hundreds of images on the net, by mail, by sms, we send and receive an enormous amount of information in binary language, which are recoded through the pixels of our deviceof in images.

I simulated a mistake, a glitch in this incessant flow of data, the most usual of mistake, the lack of resolution, to test the limit of recognizability of an iconic image, this time a baroque frame. I wanted to play with perception and also allude to the discrepancy between the image we see and the object whose this is only a representation.
Widening a jpg of a baroque frame I created a map of pixels, then materialized in cubes of precious wood essence.
LowRes 1 is the first step of the project, the one with the higher degree of entropy (or confusion) in the arrangement of pixels, that is random even if specular.
It will be followed by other frames with more regular maps, nearer to the starting image.

Materials: cubes of precious woods:
beech, cherry, maple, ash, mahogany, oak, bouvette ros, chestnut, rosewood, walnut

Dimensions: 108 cm x 164 cm for 548 cubes of 4 cm X 4 cm

Limited edition: 1 piece (for now)