Presented at International Design Competition Trieste Contemporanea 2008 entitled Grail Glass, Rh is a cup inspired by the metaphor of blood, bearer of life.

As the Grail was the bearer of eternal life, the red canes of our cup symbolize the arteries, conductive of the precious life fluid, blood.

The blood is a recurrent symbol in the Christian religion, you can find it in communion, where you drink "Christ’s blood", but also permeates Via Crucis and flows as a "vein" more or less underground throughout the whole Catholic iconology.

Thanks to the nobility of blown glass our object, although modern in shape, manages to condense a ritual element close to the metaphorical strength of Grail, making it worthy of a contemporary liturgy, helping us to rediscover the sense of the sacred, that our society is inexorably losing.

Done with skill by the furnace Anfora in Murano, it was been on display together with other selected projects, at Cà Rezzonico, Venezia.