Dita is an abat jour inspired by golden years of Burlesque, an intriguing and sexy bustier of light, designed to create an intimate and sensual atmosphere.

As Dita Von Teese, famous stripper who revamped burlesque style in her performances, our lamp is suitable for nightclubs and clubs.

But in your lounge it will create a soft and charming light.Manufactured and distributed by RielloDesign of Grisignano (VI) Dita is a lamp designed for contract, especially for the decor of discos and clubs.

Now we propose it as accent lighting for private furniture.

It is now available as table and wall lamp, but soon will be ready other morphologies,in different colors and with inserts of cloth.

Materials: powder coated laser cut steel, satin ribbon.

Dimensions: 80 cm x 30 cm