"The mirror where you can see yourself old"

Dorian is an ironic memento mori, an object of conceptual design that stimulates in a ludicious way “reflections” on this historical moment so distressed by the fear of aging.

We have laser engraved stylized wrinkles, similar to isobars because we think about aging like a natural phenomenon, like the stratifying of rocks formations or the thickening of tree bark.

Dorian does not give answers (as the magical mirror of Crimilde) but stimulates questions, different for everyone, to many of which there are no definitive answers, only “reflections” that we hope will bring the acceptance of the first wrinkles without dramas.

In Botox we trust…

Selected by OPOS, Milano, for Transformer 2007 design competition.

MATERIALS: laser cut steel, wrinkles laser engraved

MEASUSRES: circa 32 cm X 15 cm