Enola Fruit is a generously large ceramic fruit bowl. It’s a limited production object, proposed by Superego editions (Asti), which is specialised in the production of multiples of art, and is produced by the company Fratelli Rigoni (Nove, VI).

Enola Fruit is a miniature household catastrophe, a mini-domestic apocalypse, inspired by the atomic mushroom cloud. It’s an apotropaic object with great cathartic value that plays with one of the most disturbing themes of our daily lives, which we have lived with since the Fifties.

The atomic explosion is part of our collective imagination; it terrorises and fascinates us at the same time, like a symbol loaded with ambivalence – it is our personal boogyman, which we share with the rest of humanity. The shape we have given it is composed, stylised and regular, like a flower or any other element in the organic world. We have provocatively embellished it, to be able to live with and use it as a table centrepiece – like a post-modern vanity.It appears to be almost frozen and condensed in the instant before total destruction. But it’s always ready for use…

Material: ceramic

Dimensions: H 40 cm - Ø base 40

Limited editions: 50 copies